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About Katrina

I am one of those people who constantly need to be challenged and feel I am making a difference in the lives that I touch. For many years my challenge, was my health, both physically and emotionally. Until I got that under control I was not much good to anyone, but let me start at the beginning.

I have had a passion for children for as long as I can remember. I was babysitting and volunteer coaching a Learn to Skate program by the age of thirteen, and my love for kids grew from there. All through school, I was a birthday leader, camp leader, skate patrol and Boys and Girls club leader. After my degree, I moved to the little town of Vanderhoof where as their first Recreation Director with next to no budget, I had a good balance of paper work and hands on program time.

After a life-changing health challenge that forced me to take two years off of work, I realized I wanted less  paperwork and more “play time”. That is when I decided to take the Rehabilitation Assistant Program at Capilano University. I especially liked the idea of being triple-trained and working with Occupational, Physio and Speech Language Pathologists.

After finishing my diploma, I began working with mostly children on the Autism Spectrum.  After working for three years I want to reach more families.

There is nothing as fulfilling then seeing the little people I work with learn, grow and succeed, like the little guy who three years ago threw himself on the floor because  he couldn’t communicate. He rarely acknowledged anyone existed  and now he is interacting with other children, using full sentences, who is reading and doing well in school. I can’t take all the credit, my team of supervising therapists played a large role in his success but his parents played the biggest role by changing his diet, using essential oils, and constantly asking “what can I do to support what you are doing at the center at home?”